Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Pinning It Down - Inspiration Board

While I was waiting to have my sewing machine fixed, I decided to tackle another project that had been lurking in the back of my mind for a while. 

I have seen many inspiration boards all over the internet, but when I checked my Pinterest boards, I hadn't actually pinned a picture of one yet.  I was going to go buy supplies but decided to see if I could make it without purchasing anything because I really want to use up the things that I have before buying more

I remembered a plywood scrap that we had in the garage and discovered that it was the perfect size to fit over my sewing/craft table.  I wrapped it in two layers of polyester batting and stapled it down.  (Roman quickly volunteered to assist me with this project, so he actually did most of the stapling while I held the stapler to prevent any injuries.)


This embroidered fabric that was going to become a skirt for me once upon a time, but I must admit that I have plenty of skirts and the fabric would be better utilized in this project than by sitting on my shelf waiting for the far off day when I would get around to making the intended skirt.  (Making skirts for the girls is much more fun!)

So, Roman (and I) stapled the fabric on top of our batting and screwed in the eye hooks and wire to hang the board up. 

Most inspiration boards that I have seen wrap ribbon around the board to tuck pictures or items into, but I thought putting ribbon on top of the embroidery would be too busy and happily discovered that the double layer of batting made it thick enough to just pin things to the board using straight pins.


So, now I have the board to add inspiration to and to keep my small works in progress from getting lost. 


My little space is definitely a work in progress, and I soon hope to add shelves to that right wall for my jars of needles and notions to sit upon.  The armoire on the left side now holds my yarn and fabric.  Also, my sewing machine has returned to me in good repair and hopefully soon I will have a few moments to sew some of my other Pinterest projects in waiting!

Be sure to visit Sarah at Amongst Lovely Things this week to see other great Pinterest pins come to life.


  1. I really love that fabric- it's so pretty! This is a great project.

  2. Is that the fabric flower that never got finished because I completely forgot to give you the chain you been waiting 6 months for??? I can't believe I totally spaced on that. Well, actually I can. Thanks for the hint ;) I will give it to you tomorrow.

  3. I agree the fabric is fantastic. Enjoy your board!

  4. That's wonderful! The fabric is really pretty with the embroidery on it.

  5. That's really great! Gorgeous fabric!


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