Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Yarn Along - Waiting Edition

There is lots of waiting going on in these parts, so of course my marathon of knitting and crocheting is continuing as well.  I was hopeful on Sunday that baby girl was going to make her appearance but that round of contractions faded as night came on, so I shall keep on waiting.  I suppose that she is fostering the correct attitude for me as Lent dawns, and we look forward to the joy of Easter. 

I managed to run into Fibre Space last week with all three kids in tow and pick up the second skein of yarn that I needed to finish the Eskimo Kiss Hooded Cocoon.  My husband says that the finished object resembles a pickle, and it makes my mom claustrophobic to look at it...we'll see how baby girl likes it.

I had a few grams of the Sea Star Handpaints yarn remaining after I finished the Newborn Vertebrae Cardigan and Nana's Newborn Knitted Hat, so I whipped up a pair of little legwarmers to complete the set.  It was a good opportunity to finally learn the magic loop method, and I got the hang of it pretty quickly.

I picked up a skein of Rowan Kidsilk Creation yarn at my LYS and crocheted up a fluffy hot pink scarf for myself on Sunday while navigating the contractions. 

My husband was nesting this weekend and got lots of projects off of our household to-do list which motivated me to make a dent in the project bags of UFOs that I had laying around my craft area.  I started a Ten Stitch Baby Blanket a while back and decided to pick it up and finish it for my first great niece who is due in a few months.  It feels good to be motivated to get these projects done.

Finally, I needed something small to take with me to my midwife appointment today, so I started crocheting these Lacy Clovers with some crochet cotton that I have had lingering in my stash since my college days.  I will probably starch these and either hang them or make a swag. 

Be sure to visit Ginny for more Yarn Along projects and some good reads.


  1. I love the marathon of projects! You are quite productive :)

  2. The hat turned out well....and I adore the little legwarmers! I hope that baby comes when God wants her to. ♥ Looks like you are ready!!!

  3. I love the legwarmers to match the cardigan!

  4. Oh, the waiting is so hard! but stitching goes well with the end of pregnancy . . . I actually have a picture my husband took of me crocheting a blanket while I was in labor with my son!


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